Double Airway Wheel Self Centering Safety Flange Plate

$46.99 Inc GST

Our Double Airway Wheel Self Centering Safety Flange Plate with M14*2 internal thread allows the use of 2 airway buffing wheels mounted back to back. For use with finishing wheels i.e Untreated cotton & flannel airways. Running 2 airway wheels can cover a larger surface area to help speed up finishing large areas. It can also aid in more challenging jobs like finishing stainless pipe (shown in the 2nd product picture) where a single airway wheel wants to continually slip off the work piece. This plate is made from tough plastic to keep weight to down due to the added strain on grinders when running 2 buffs. It also has the added benefit of reducing marking on a finished surface that sometimes occurs from accidental contact with aluminium flanges.

*Please note this flange plate is sold as a single piece, it requires the single flat plate that comes with our Large 3″ Safety Flange set to mount the airways up properly. For safety reasons, this flange should only ever be used on a grinder at speeds of 3500rpm or less.



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