Premium European 10″ / 254mm Flannel Airway Buffing Wheel

$71.99 Inc GST

Our Premium European made flannel airway buffing wheel is made from soft yet durable flannel material. This buff holds up well to regular raking and during our testing has produced very pleasing results with the following Menzerna compounds 480BLF, P175, M5 & P126. This buff greatly reduces hash marks (buff trails) that are often left behind during the finishing process. For best results run at speeds between 1,600 – 2,300 rpm. This custom made buff wheel has been made in a colaboration with a new European manufacturer and was only made in a relatively small batch run hence the higher price. If this buff proves to be popular amongst our customers we will look to order a larger quantity therefore significantly reducing the overall price. Any feedback you can provide after using this buff would be much appreciated. We have been using them ourselves and love them, but it’s always good to hear your feedback!

(The pictured airway wheel does not represent the actual product. Correct product image coming soon!)



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